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Laugardaginn 6. febrúar taka tónleikastaðir í Reykjavík þátt í Open Club Day sem hefur það að markmiði að vekja athygli á þeirri starfsemi sem fer fram á tónleikastöðum, þeim störfum sem þeir skapa og því mikilvæga hlutverki sem þeir gegna fyrir menningarlíf borga.

Open Club Day is a Live DMA project with support from Creative Europe. Reykjavík Music City is responsible for organizing the day here in collaboration with the music venues. Due to the pandemic, it will not be possible to host events in the venues so the day will be celebrated online this year. A joint statement from the organizers and participants of Open Club Day across Europe states that the opportunity should be taken to increase the understanding of governments and others of the difficult operating environment of the venues which have the power to unite people and fill our communities with life.

The program of Open Club Day in Reykjavík this year is first and foremost about reminding people of the music venues, most of which have been closed or forced to have a minimum of activity almost all of last year.

Today, Friday Feb. 5th at 11:00 AM,

there will be a streamed panel discussion where the importance, role, and future of concert venues in Reykjavík is discussed (in Icelandic).

On Saturday Feb. 6th at 2:00 PM,

all venues participating in the day in Reykjavík will stream simultaneously as a symbol of solidarity in these unprecedented times and to remind people of the existence and importance of music venues.

The places that participate in Open Club Day Reykjavík 2021 are: Gaukurinn, Hannesarholt, R6013, Gamla Bíó & Petersen Svítan, Mengi, Hard Rock Café, and Prikið.